“Ugly Betty” A Retro Review


Amelia Cherrington, Staff Reporter

“Ugly Betty” is an American drama-comedy series created by Silvio Horta, which was first aired on ABC and was released on September 28, 2006. The series has 4 seasons with a lot of drama, twists, iconic moments, death, and a whole lot more. Even so, you will never get bored, maybe angry (like how I did) but there is always something that is gonna keep you watching. The series is about this young adult, Betty Suarez who is very smart and has an amazing heart, trying to pursue her dream of owning her own magazine. The only problem is that she is considered less attractive than the people that surround her because of the way she dresses and because she still wears braces at her age when compared to the tall and skinny women in her new environment at Mode Magazine. Besides all that, Betty doesn’t let all this stop her from working towards her goal and keeping a positive attitude while having to help take care of her family, find her inner beauty, and having to pick up her boss’ mess.

The main character in the series that surrounds Betty has some type of impact on her, whether it is bad or good. In order to understand the show a little bit more let’s first introduce you to some of the characters. The Suarez family, Latinos from Mexico, came to America to make a better life. Her father Ignacio Suarez is always there to support his daughters and always put their needs before his. Justin Suarez who always speaks his mind is also gay and has good energy with a little bit of sass. Hilda Suarez, let’s call her the prettier sister and the mother of Justin, may make some bad choices but in the end, has a good heart. Her colleague Mark St. James the suck-up, the mean one, acts tough but has his own problems which he is hiding deep down inside. Daniel Meade, her boss, is the mess-up one that has a lot of problems and self-control issues, but deep down he can be an amazing person. Amanda Tanen – the fashionable one, the money spender, and love to live above her needs… SPOILER…( the daughter of Fey Sommers). Christian Mckinney is the woman who ran away from her husband to the United States from Scotland to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer. WILHELMINA SLATER, the woman who feels like she should do anything and everything to get power. Expect more shocking characters in the series with as much drama as the others…

I recommend watching this series because it teaches you some valuable life lessons towards friendship, family, and social life, and also how to live in a society where you are not accepted as who you are but because you know what you are, you are willing to keep going forward. Watch this series streaming on Hulu, Amazon prime video, and Apple TV.