The Hidden Sport

Gabrielle McGinnis, Staff Writer

You all know the typical sports teams people join in high school: baseball, soccer, basketball, wrestling and so on. But, there is a sport that has remained hidden for years from the eyes and ears of the Amityville students. A sport that crawled from the depths of hell, the final circle. The sport that… you probably want me to get on with things. The sport that everyone seems to forget… tennis. Yes, Amityville has a girls tennis team that has gone unnoticed for years. No, we don’t have a boys team. No one wanted to join/they didn’t even know it existed like the rest of the sport. 

Tennis has gone unrecognized for far too long. Students need to know that this team exists before it is wiped out from the school entirely. The team has carried out their equipment, worn their uniforms and have advertised their sport, yet the school is still shocked that it exists. Our eight members have been through so much, improving tremendously and all we get for it is a, “Oh. there’s a tennis team?” It’s time to stop praising other sports every five seconds and give some recognition to teams that barely get a passing glance, especially when people have gone to the nurse and come out wearing various tennis sweaters straight from our supply closet. Also, our courts are by far, the worst. Each court is practically cursed, with one letting the sun stab out your eyes everytime you serve. 

There is another issue at hand, the tennis team could truly be forgotten for good. With the majority of our team graduating in less than two years, we are going to be left with just one single, lonely member. Thus, we need the school’s help. Keep the sport going so the school can begin to realize that the tennis team matters. Don’t let this sport die like the boys tennis team, at least let the girls team exist to flourish for years to come.