The Top 3 Misconceptions About Relationships 

The Top 3 Misconceptions About Relationships 

Nicole Jimenez, Staff Reporter

Life is more than just being in relationships and calling someone a name that might not even last for long. Now I’m not saying that all relationships don’t last. But people have this misconception that once you call someone baby or babe they are yours forever like they are property. The three misconceptions people have about relationships are that you have to do what your partner tells you to do at all times, that your partner is responsible for your happiness, and that your partner’s problems are also your problems. 

The first reason that some relationships don’t have full respect for one another is because if you don’t give them what they want or do what they want, it becomes a problem. That is also called toxic relationship. Some people in toxic relationships are trying to fulfill a void. Some voids that are common in most relationships are loneliness, hopelessness, and lack of purpose. There are people who don’t have a father or mother figure that are trying to fulfill that void with someone because they are lacking something in their life that could have a major impact on who they grow up to be. A mother will nurture you and take you under their wing, and a father will show you how to be a man and stand up for yourself.  I’m not saying that a mother can’t do what the dad can do, but in some cases that is how it is. 

The second reason relationships don’t last is because people expect so much from one another. When you are in a relationship it is 50/50; no one does all the work to make the relationship work because that’s not fair at all. People tend to put their problems on their partner because it makes it easy for them. That’s not how it works in life because you give and you receive; if you are just receiving, that’s not fair and it’s called being selfish. 

The last reason relationships don’t last is because people think that when you are in a relationship your partner is in charge of your happiness. Some people do this because they are not happy with themselves so they look to find it in other people. People who are coping with traumas or other things tend to do that. This leads to them putting all the hurt and pain in their relationship.