2019-2020 Staff

Carina Wong-Schultz


Carina is a senior at Amityville Memorial High School and has a twin brother. She’s involved in over 10 different clubs and is striving to join more. She is the president of the National Honor Society, Newspaper and Yearbook...

Jessica Woldt

Staff Reporter

Jessica is a sophomore at Amityville Memorial High school. Everybody just calls her Jessi though. She’s just there for one year because she’s an exchange student. She lives in Zurich, Switzerland and her native language is Germ...

Keniese Pryce

Staff Reporter

Keniese is a junior who enjoys reading, listening to music, summoning dark entities, and writing.  She also has a large passion for photography. After high school she would like to attend college. The college of her choice would...

Noah Laforest

Staff Reporter

Noah Laforest is a junior who enjoys binging TV shows and movies, and listening to music. Currently Noah is the president of the junior class, and is an active member of many clubs; such as Drama Club, Key Club, National Honor ...

Olivia Fox

Staff Reporter

Olivia is currently a senior! She’s from Brooklyn and enjoys listening to music and having a good time. She also enjoys traveling around the world and shopping. This is her second year working on the Amityville Echo....

Gabrielle McGinnis

Staff Reporter

Gabrielle is a junior who has a strong passion for writing and drawing as her main goal in life is to become an animator/writer. She has traveled to various places in and out of the country, but her journey isn’t over yet as...

Adriana Pipkins

Staff Reporter

Adriana is a junior who enjoys writing about things in which she's passionate about. Growing up mostly in Amityville for her life, she loves being with her friends and committing to her school work. She hopes to graduate and becom...

DeAsia McCorvey


DeAsia McCorvey is a senior at Amityville Memorial High School. She likes to organize, but is quite messy at times. She loves trying new things. Words to describe DeAsia include independent, trustworthy, dependable, and adaptable....

Dion Bullock


Dion is a high school senior who loves to play video games and draw cartoon-styled characters based off everything around him. He was born and has lived in Amityville his entire life. Dion always tries to be as polite as possible...

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