2023-2024 Staff

Amin Shah

Amin Shah

Amin is a senior and the Editor-in-Chief of the ECHO newspaper. He finds pleasure by indulging in music, film, literature, exploring philosophy, watching idiotic political discourse, etc. He lived in Amityville for a good half o...

Managing Editor, Features Editor

Kazima Muwwakkil

Kazima is a senior who loves almost nothing more than to spend a quiet evening reading a book after completing all of her homework and studying for the day. Aside from enjoying great literature, she often goes to Amityville Be...

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Trinity Gilreath

Trinity is a senior who has been in the ECHO newspaper for three years. An avid reader, Trinity spends most of her time enjoying writers like bell hooks, Jane Austen, and Angela Davis.When she is not reading, she is usually listening...

Staff Reporter

Donte Drew

Donte is a senior who really loves being creative. He's into comics, video games, drawing, and making animations. He's also curious about technology and likes to learn about the latest stuff. Donte lives in Amityville and is look...

Staff Reporter

Remi Johnson

Remi is a sophomore boy, being 15 years old. He enjoys learning, listening to music and playing games in an arbitrary regulation; He enjoys his hobbies at arbitrary times. He likes to act younger than he actually is, but he has...

Staff Photographer

Demoy Bogle

Demoy Bogle is a senior, taking on the role of staff photographer. In addition to his passion for photography, he also loves playing videos games. He has lived in Amityville his whole life and would be a great guide for anyone...

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