Classes I’m Glad I Took and You Should Take!

Classes I’m Glad I Took and You Should Take!

Viviana Rivera, Features Editor

As a senior in high school, I have taken a variety of courses. I’ve taken Dual Enrollment courses, Childcare, Workshop, Forensics, Government and Finance courses, etc. There are a few classes that I have taken and have particularly enjoyed and benefited from. Just take these courses into consideration. As young teens we often complain the courses won’t help in the real world. These courses will.

Personal Finance
I wish I had taken personal finance much earlier during my career as a high school student. The course is extremely informative of the use of credit cards, the bank, and how to handle money. Because of this class, I learned about how your credit score can either make or break you, I learned how to use, spend, and save my money smartly, and I learned about the economic system more in depth. If I hadn’t taken this class, or was put into it, I don’t think I would be prepared, at all. Without the class, I might have just put myself in debt without realizing (it’s way easier than I thought it would be), I would be totally ignorant about the whole banking process, and the language. For some, it may seem boring but it’s super important and the teachers sure do liven up the mood. I had Dr. I and she really wants students to succeed.

Participation in Government and/or SUPA Public Policy
Before these courses, I knew nothing about government, I didn’t want to, and I didn’t care. Now I realize that I absolutely have to know what’s going on in government. Although we as Americans have our own voice, we can’t use it unless we know how. Participation in Government teaches you all about what the government system is, how it’s constructed and how you can participate. Meanwhile, Public Policy informs us, as teens, how to take action. I never would have thought in a million years that as a teenager, I could influence law. The course teaches you that if you want something done, make it happen. Don’t wait around for someone else to make the change because everyone else is waiting for someone else too.

SUPA Sociology
An absolute must. Not only does it get you 3 college credits, but it turns your whole world upside down. Sociology touches upon subjects that you know, or thought you know, and everything that you don’t. After the course, you see society in a different light and even the little things people do trigger a sort of insight within you. It’s a difficult course, you read articles constantly and have to write papers. Sounds like a nightmare, but almost all articles are interesting, there are a variety of subjects, you can pick some of the articles, and the papers are easier to write than you think. It’s super fun and informative. I made a lot of friends, we had a lot of class discussions and watched the most interesting films.

Public Speaking
I took this class earlier on in high school. It was incredible. It’s a way to express yourself in a safe place, most of the speeches you give are from what you believe/think, or topics you enjoy/pick yourself. Public Speaking is an incredibly important skill. Throughout life, you’ll have to speak in front of people. It’s inevitable. Public Speaking doesn’t get rid of your fear, but it makes you much more comfortable, because now you have the skill. Knowing that you can and have it’s so comforting, it makes speaking a lot easier. I’m really fortunate for the class because it was a safe space to learn a scary skill. No regrets.

This wasn’t to manipulate you or make you change your mind. However, if you’re looking for real world skills and you don’t know what to do with the gaps in your schedule, give these courses a thought. I absolutely loved all of these classes, some much more difficult than others (*cough* Public Policy *cough*). Yet, I have no regrets, if anything, I feel much better about myself and my world skills than I did before the courses. Just think about it.