“Fast 5” Senior Edition

Fast 5 Senior Edition

The ECHO recently reached out to the Top 25 members from the Class of 2021 to find out about their post-high school plans, and to ask them to reflect on their time here in Amityville. We asked the following questions:

  1. What are your post-high school plans?
  2. What clubs/sports have you participated in during your time in Amityville?
  3. What will be your best memories of AMHS?
  4. Who has helped you along the way?
  5. What advice can you leave for next year’s seniors?


Jaime Monzon Bautista plans to attend Farmingdale State College for BioScience. While in Amityville, he has participated in the Liberty Partnership program, Robotics club, and the Yearbook club. Some of his best memories from AMHS include having fun in chemistry doing experiments. He would like to thank his mother, a lot of teachers, and his closest friends. Jaime’s advice to next year’s seniors: Put some effort behind what you’re going to do. I don’t mean just school, but also your future. Seek help from others if you need to, after all, soon you’ll be taking a big step forward.

Kaya Branscum plans to attend the Makeup Designory of NYC (M.U.D) to become a certified Makeup/Makeup Effects Artist. They are the current president of the National Art Honors Society. Their best memories of AMHS would include spending time with their friends, connecting with their teachers, and planning fun events within the NAHS. Some of the people who have helped Kaya along the way include their mom, their little brother, their best friend Dee, and their mentor/teacher Ms. Grasso. Kaya’s advice for next year’s seniors: Have fun, work hard, and always live your life as your true, authentic self. 

Brianna McQueen plans to attend college at Adelphi University where she will be studying nursing. She has participated in Varsity Cheerleading, Key Club, National Honor Society and Tri-M Music Honor Society. Her favorite memories of AMHS include spending time with friends and having the opportunity to be taught by amazing educators who actually care about their students. Brianna tells us that her mom and dad definitely helped her along the way and kept her motivated. Ms. Ferrante also helped her along the way and was always her shoulder to lean on anytime, anywhere! Brianna’s advice for next year’s seniors: is to stay focused, motivated and DON’T FALL BEHIND!

Darius Mobley Jr. plans on working over the summer and going to NYIT, majoring in Computer Science and either becoming a video game programmer or a computer programmer/specialist. He has participated in Yearbook, Robotics, Student Council, Debate and Liberty Partnership. His favorite memories include the times he got to spend with his friends in the cafeteria and in Robotics. Some of the people who have helped Darius along the way include Jaime, his first close friend when he came back to the district and who has been there for him ever since, his parents who have always been supportive of him, and Dr. I. and Mrs. Roy who really helped him get ready for college. Darius’s advice to next year’s seniors: Know what your college requires from you and have it done in advance, it will save you some headaches.

Tatiana Barrera plans to attend Nassau Community College where she will major in Criminal Justice. Her best memories will come from every day she was able to attend in person because she’s always loved seeing her friend and teachers. Many teachers have helped Tatiana along the way, including Mr. Greiss, Mr. Jorgensen, Mr. Albano, Dr. Bates, Ms. Morales, Ms. Westphal and Mr. Bueno. Tatiana’s advice to next year’s seniors: Take everything with calm, but don’t give up; everything will be okay. You will get into a good college and you will be successful.

Shaakirah Nazim-Harris will be attending New York University Tisch School of the Arts as a drama major. She is the assistant director/co-choreographer of Amityville’s drama club, a member of the National Honor Society, and was part of the volleyball team for two years. Her favorite memory will be walking the halls with her friends. “It may not sound like a big deal in retrospect, but I truly cherish those moments.” When asked who has helped her along the way, Shaakirah said, “My mom has helped me along the way by constantly cheering me on. My sister, Hafeezah, and brother, Basharat, have always been there for me as well. I would even like to give a shout out to my brother-in-law, Wandera, for reading every single draft of my college essays. Thank you to Mr. Brower, Ms. Noon, Mrs. Reichel, Mrs. Wilsher, Mrs. Schulken and my friends for supporting me throughout my journey!” Shaakirah’s advice to next year’s seniors: I know that your high school experience is not what you expected. As unconventional as this experience may be, make the most out of it! Also, make an additional email specifically for college emails, so your personal email doesn’t get bombarded with spam. I am currently going through the process of deleting lots and lots of emails

Noah Laforest will be attending New York University Tisch School of the Arts where he will be majoring in filmmaking. While in Amityville Noah has been President of Student Advisory, Vice President of National Honor Society, and participated in Drama Club. His best memories of AMHS will be “bonding with my amazing teachers.” The people who have helped him along the way include Mrs. Mizrachi, Mrs. Schulken, Mr. Marreo, Ms. Keenan, and Mr. Rochester. Noah’s advice to next year’s seniors: Enjoy it while it lasts

Bryanna Leguizamon plans on attending Adelphi University and majoring in nursing. During her time in Amityville she has participated in Girls Varsity Soccer, Girls Lacrosse, Key Club, National Honor Society, and Junior Achievement. Her best memories of AMHS include as she says, “being surrounded by so many amazing teachers over my four years. Many teachers supported me during my time here and I appreciate everything they have done for me and the advice they have given me.” The people who have helped her along the way include Mr. Zider, Mr. Marrero, Mr. Bueno, Mr. Greiss, Ms. Rosario, Ms. Morales, Mrs. Stegier, Dr. Impagliazzo, Miss Carol, Mrs. Mizrachi, Mrs. Galasso, Mrs. Gross, and Mrs. Shulken. Bryanna’s advice to next year’s seniors: Live your senior year to the fullest. Enjoy everything that you can and appreciate what you are given, because after you leave there is no going back.

Viviana Rivera plans on attending Queens Community College, double majoring in English and East Asian Studies (with a focus on Korean). After that, she plans on getting her Masters in Education to teach 7-12 English. During her time in Amityville, she has only participated in the Newspaper Club and said, “I’ve loved every bit of it.” Her best memories will be her first day at Amityville, memories she has with her teachers (“I have at least one for each”), the Senior Breakfast and BBQ, and “meeting all of these amazing people.” The people who have helped her along the way include her mom, Mr. Marrero, Mrs. Noon, and each of her teachers. “All of my teachers have had my back all year no matter what,” she said. “I feel that each of my teachers have taught me something new that I will carry with me for, probably, forever. They all told me to take advantage of my talents, that no matter how young, I could make a difference, and prepared me for the real world.  I couldn’t thank them enough.” Viviana’s advice to next year’s seniors: Class of 2022, all I have to say is do your best (try to fight that Senioritis), work with your teachers and the staff (they genuinely do want to help you), have fun, keep your connections, and get ready to conquer the world. Don’t forget or let go of your goals, strive for the best that you are capable of.  Never let anyone get in the way of your passions and dreams and let those that want to be there help you.  Stay strong.  You’ve got this

Kimberly Garcia plans to work over the summer, save money, and then attend college in the fall. She plans on attending Suffolk County Community College for 2 years before transferring to Stony Brook. She plans on majoring in nursing in pediatrics or OB/GYN. During her time in Amityville Kimberly has participated in GSA, and World Language Honor Society. Her best memories of AMHS will include the ambiance that the school provided such as from the staff, and students as well. When asked who has helped her along the way, Kimberly replied, “Til’ his last day on earth, the one who really helped me along the way was my grandpa and 2 of my friends that I have known for over 5 years.” Kimberly’s advice to next year’s seniors: One piece of advice that I could give is to take your time. Also, that it’s okay to not know what you want to be or do after high school, since most of us now don’t know what we’re doing and only make it seem like we do to make it more socially acceptable.