Smart Scholars Early College High School


Terry Holman, Student Life Editor

Empowering High School Students With College Courses

Through the Smart Scholars Early College High School Program, institutions of higher education partner with the Amityville School district to create early college high schools that provide students with the opportunity and preparation to accelerate their college completion. The Amityville Students have had the opportunity to complete up to 24 college credits for free when they are enrolled in the program. The students must enter the program as 9th graders. Classes are held on Saturdays at SUNY FARMINGDALE and will be able to transfer the credits to any college program. This program is targeted to students who are traditionally underrepresented in post-secondary education. Students receive additional academic support from the school/college partnerships to ensure they are at grade level and ready to participate in rigorous high school and collegiate courses. This is an opportunity that students should not pass up! Any 9th grader who is interested, should see Dr. Impagliazzo in room 217 for more information.     -Dr. Diane Impagliazzo

As a student who has participated in Smart Scholars, I urge everyone interested to take advantage of this opportunity. You will meet many amazing professors and students as well as gaining college credits while learning about things that you’re interested in. It’s fun, educational, looks amazing on a transcript, and will help you in life in many different ways down the road. It’s also a great opportunity to make friends that are interested in the same fields that you are. If you’re debating on joining, don’t hesitate and join now!     -Terry Holman