Halloween in the Halls


Terry Holman, Student Life Editor

October 31st. Halloween, 2021. Almost as frightening as the year of 2020, though I don’t think anything could beat that. The staff of Amityville Memorial High School had some amazing costumes! The front office arrived as witches and nurse Amy was a very colorful fairy. The guidance department (and permanent sub, Kristina Lerikos) stole the show as the theme 101 Dalmatians from Disney with Ms. Brown starring as Cruella De’ville,  and the rest of the office fearing her as they were the pups. Ms. Graham said it was a lot of fun and “a nice camaraderie  with her coworkers.” Miss Noon expressed that you could never be too old to dress up and Ms. Salerno agreed, saying it was a lot of fun. The infamous Cruella De’ville, played by Ms. Brown stated, “I love being the evil one in this dog-eat-dog world” when I asked her how she felt about playing the role. Then she looked at the guidance department and said “Aren’t you glad I don’t wear fur?”

Throughout the hallways you could also see a variety of costumes by students. This was a great way to start off the Halloween weekend!