Club Briefings


Misha Ankudovych, Editor-In-Chief

There are a ton of great clubs here at the high school. If you haven’t already joined a few, but are considering adding something to your after school activities, check out what’s happening with different groups listed below. If your club isn’t represented and you would like to be featured, feel free to email us at any time!

Advisor: Ms. Scoca
I am advising the Art Club this year in room 119A various Wednesday/Thursday after school. This club is as “student based” as possible this year. We will create various projects based on what the majority of club members are interested in. Anyone can join at any time; they just need to have a love for art and to be creative.

Some upcoming activities we have planned are portfolio project; where students will create a portfolio of their work to be judged by another art teacher on Long Island for a score! We are also participating in this year’s first district wide art show grades K-12. This will be an extravagant night with raffles, refreshments and of course artwork here at the high school. Our members will be having some of their work featured & be given the task of face painting visiting community members. We are also anticipating creating our very own Amityville Coloring book, using lots of paint & maybe even creating stencils to spray paint!

Advisor: Ms. Rankin
The mission of the BSU is to talk about Social Injustice and what is happening in the news. We aim to bring awareness to Social Action and to involve our student body and bring light to all the different cultures we have in our school. We also look to educate our teachers on how we feel.
Upcoming Event: Panel on different cultures.

Advisor: Mr. Tomasi
Breaking Borders is a club designed to discuss social justice issues that occur in our society with students from other school districts.

Advisors: Mr. Greiss and Mr. Cimmino
Broadcasting club provides students with hands-on real world experience in the broadcasting field learning both behind the scenes product and technical skills as well as on camera/on mic public speaking, interviewing, play by play and show hosting. Students create their own video podcast shows, livestream school events and fully produce sports broadcasts.

Advisors: Mr. Ferrara and Ms. Whitney
For students interested in acting, performing in theatre, and the arts. We put on a musical in the spring, and until the auditions happen, we learn to act, sing and dance. For more information, join our Google Classroom:  Class Code: yyallrm
Upcoming Event: The Musical will be performed March 25 & 26, 2022.

Advisors: Ms. Romeo and Ms. Rosario
We plan to participate in community events, such as the Homecoming Parade, as well as fundraising events for our club. We have 40 very motivated and involved members and are looking forward to making wonderful high school memories.

Advisors: Mr. Marerro and Ms. Whitney
The Gay–Straight Alliance (GSA) is a student-led organization intended to provide a safe and supportive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, and transgender (LGBTQ+) youth as well as their cisgender heterosexual allies. The GSA pariticpates in activities throughout the year such as National Coming Out Day, Transgender Day of Remembrance, and the month long LGBTQ+ Pride month celebration by providing supportive “swag” and educating students and educators in ways to provide a more inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ youth in schools.

Advisor: Ms. Rankin
The mission of the Interact Club is to connect with leaders in our community and around the world; to take action and make a difference in our school and community; to discover new cultures and promote international understanding, and to become a leader.
Upcoming Event: We will be having a drive to donate socks for our community!

Advisors: Ms. Borja and Ms. Rankin
The Junior Class will help with the organization of events such as pep rallies, elections, homecomings, hallway decorating, posters and floats/banners. All 11th graders are encouraged to join this inclusive club!! Club members will serve as role models and encourage classmates to participate in extracurricular activities, community events and services when available.

Advisor: Ms. Mizrachi
Key Club is committed to allowing their members to find themselves through various service projects that benefit causes that they are passionate about. This year, Key Club sees the return of Spooky Grams, and in person food drives. We are as excited as ever to complete service activities around the school! Please contact Ms.Mizrachi or Misha Ankudovych for more information.

Advisor: Ms. Grasso
The National Art Honor Society recognizes and embraces students who are talented in the visual arts.

Advisor: Mr. DiDonna
Students with great character, have high G.P.A’s, take on leadership roles, and become involved in community service opportunities.
Upcoming events include a Fall Festival in Huntington and tutoring sessions during Seminar. T-shirt designs are in the works as well.

: Ms. Keenan
The Amityville Echo is a student-led newspaper that empowers writers to inform students at Amityville Memorial High School about current international, local, and school-wide events. We welcome all AMHS students from grades 9-12 to participate in any way they feel they might be able to contribute. We hope to offer diverse content, alternative perspectives, and even differing opinions on a variety of issues. We would love to feature articles in an array of different languages. Our goal in the coming months is to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. This is only the start of what we hope will be an ever-evolving source of carefully researched information coupled with creative expression.

: Mr. Castro
The objective of this club is to build lasting connections with other students in the senior class and to promote a sense of positive school culture. The club also organizes Senior events such as fundraising, Prom and Homecoming.
Recent Events: Pep Rally, Homecoming Parade

Advisor: Ms. Rexach
The Sophomore Class of 2024 are currently planning fundraisers and participating in school events such as Homecoming and Unity Day. We will be a part of other major school events throughout the year. We have elected Sophomore Class Officers who participate in key decisions, and represent the Sophomore Class throughout the school year! If you are interested in joining the Class of 2024, See Ms. Rexach.

Advisor: Mr. Greiss
Student Council provides students with the opportunity to develop leadership skills, community service and school spirit. Students serve as advocates for the student body, meeting with the principal to discuss concerns and hosting our annual Unity Summit. Students develop school spirit events like dances, poetry slams, karaoke, and talent shows. Students also provide community service through running blood drives, volunteering at the Long Island Homeless Coalition and raising money for children with cancer through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Hero Squad.

Advisor: Ms. Ferrante
Tri-M Honor Society is a program filled with talented and determined musicians who give their all in everything they do. Having to meet above mastery in their music class and attend many different musical events, these musicians are active in their musical area, school, and community.
Upcoming Events: October 20th: Tri-M Meeting in the Gym, November 11th: Marching Band: Veteran’s Day Performance, November 29th: Tri-M Meeting, December 13th: Tri-M Meeting, December 16th: Winter Concert

Advisors: Mr. Tomasi and Mr. Maloney
Warrior Nation is a club designed to promote school pride and spirit at Amityville Memorial High School.

Advisor: Mr. McGowan
We are participating in the Cultural Exchange, Peace Rock Project, Christmas Magic, Have A Heart For the Homeless, and Special Olympics. We do community service and help those less fortunate. We also do role- playing and our goal is to perform these “skits” for other schools in the district.

Advisor: Ms. Cherry
The purpose of the WLHS is twofold:
A. To provide recognition to students in the Amityville Memorial High School World Language Department who have exhibited excellence in the Spanish and/or French language courses.
B. To utilize these students’ dedication to World Language as a vessel to embrace their cultures and educate themselves, other students, and district/community members on world languages and cultures.

Advisor: Ms. Scherzinger
Yearbook Club gives students the opportunity to leave an enduring impression at Amityville Memorial High School. Students will work as marketing representatives, graphic designers, photographers, business executives, fundraisers, promoters, and financial advisors as they work together to meet deadlines and build the senior yearbook. Yearbook Club members also develop important communication and leadership skills which will last a lifetime!
Upcoming Events: Snack Fundraiser during seminar. Hot Coco Fundraiser for the holidays. Check out the Yearbook Bulletin Board between the main office and Miss Amy’s room for future events.