What’s The Deal With “Donda” Deluxe?


Amin Shah, Music Editor

After the long wait for Donda was over, many were quick to realize that the album was slightly rushed after the excitement passed. Ye quickly announced a deluxe edition after the release of the project, which kept many fans waiting for new music for months on end. After Drake leaked a Ye and Andre 3000 collaboration track named ¨Life of the Party¨, fans knew something was going on under the curtains, but the wait time was indefinite. To the surprise of many fans, Ye released the album on the date that was put out, regaining some trust from his fans.

What’s New?

Initially, the most jarring change for most would have to be the complete change of track order (with the exception of Donda Chant as the beginning), as Hurricane is the second track now and although the part 2’s are still mostly at the end, Remote Control pt 2 and Jesus Lord pt 2 are within the middle of the album and not at the end with the other part 2’s. The new tracks that have been added are as followed: ‘’Life of the Party (Featuring André 3000 and IRKO)’’, ‘’Remote Control pt 2 (Featuring Kid Cudi and Young Thug)’’, ‘’Up From The Ashes’’, ‘’Never Abandon Your Family’’, ‘’Keep My Spirit Alive pt 2 (Featuring Kaycyy, Westside Gunn, Conway the Machine’’), which the latter was originally on the album when it was first released. ‘’Come to Life’’ now features Tyler the Creator on backing vocals and ‘’Ok Ok pt 2 (featuring Fivio Foreign and Shenseea)’’ removed Rooga’s verse. ‘’Off the Grid (featuring Playboi Carti and Fivio Foreign)’’, ‘’Jesus Lord pt 2’’, ‘’Tell The Vision (featuring Pop Smoke)’’ and ‘’Believe What I Say (featuring Lauryn Hill and Buju Banton) have also had lyric changes, as some censors were changed and the censorship overall was less noticeable. All the songs have received better mixes and more bass, ensuring their quality to be separated into stems through the Donda Stem Player. Those are mostly all the changes, as although the album remained mostly the same, the song additions only strengthened the album, but some are still conflicted on whether the change in song order is helpful or detrimental for the album. Time will tell, but I personally like this new change, as it is almost refreshing to listen to the album in this new order.