The Never-Ending Song


Misha Ankudovych, Editor-In-Chief

Have you ever listened to a song that you wanted to go on forever? If so, The Eternal Jukebox is the service for you! In a project created by Paul Lamere, this jukebox allows any song on Spotify to last forever, creating a constantly changing, Infinitely lasting version of your favorite song! 

The Eternal Jukebox works using machine learning to identify and connect patterns in songs. This is different from purely repeating a song, as rather than play a song from beginning to end over and over, the Eternal Jukebox will create an endless arrangement of your favorite songs, without ever reaching an end point. It truly feels as if the song goes on forever! In the example shown in the cover of this article, for example, the song Come Together by the Beatles (with an original run time of less than 4 and a half minutes) was played for over two seamless hours! 

This service is definitely a must try for music lovers who want to get a little more out of their favorite songs in a unique way. You can check it out for yourself here!