The Hit English Game: Wordle


Amin Shah, Music Editor

Wordle - The New York Times

Wordle is a game that has taken many English students by storm, as many fellow AP seminar students found the game through Ms. Reichel’s bonus point incentive (although I personally forgot about this). It is a game in which you are to guess any given five letter word, within six tries. Each time a letter that is in the word is typed out, it is highlighted in a yellow if it is not in that certain place within the word, while it becomes green if the correct letter is in the correct placement, and you go from there. The letter becomes gray if that specific letter is not found within the word. A puzzle is only available once a day, so be sure to login everyday and guess the daily word. Recently, it has been purchased by the New York Times and is now hosted on a website under their domain. It was originally developed by Josh Wardle during October of 2021 (which is what the game is named after).

Forbes even goes as far as to give daily clues, hints, and answers to the daily word each day in case you need assistance (which I personally find to be a killer of the fun). Even searching up the title gives a GIF to the left of the search which displays an ever changing Wordle bar.

This is one of the viral games which are actually good to play, as it stimulates brain activity (like other word games of the like), so play one (although it is only available once a day). Alternate versions such as ‘‘Prattle’’ have been released, with Prattle being based on Shakespearean words, which can offer a good challenge with those bored with Wordle’s somewhat simple words, although that seems unlikely, as many on platforms such as Twitter jokingly complain on how the game is ‘‘too hard’’ or ‘‘unfair’’, which is comical to a degree. Nevertheless, this game is still in its early blooming, so from here, it could either get so much better, or oh so worse. Let us hope it is the former.