Don’t Look Away (A Short Story)

Dont Look Away (A Short Story)

Karina Escobar Rivera, Contributing Writer

July 1, 2014

“Ahhh it’s my birthday! I’m finally turning 16!¨ I said excitedly. 

“You mean OUR birthday Lily,¨ said my twin brother Lucas.

“If only Mom, Dad, and Ivy were here with us,” I said looking down…

At that moment there was only silence as we both looked at each other and only tears would come out of our eyes. My parents said that if anything happened to them, me and Lucas would have the house which is in the middle of the woods.

It was September 11, 2009, and me and Lucas were 3 when we saw our family get killed in front of us. Me, Lucas, my mom, my dad, and my older sister Ivy were going to the park when we saw a black car following us.

“Um… Ethan, that car is following us.¨ said, my mom.

My dad started to make a lot of turns to see if it was true that the car was following us… and it was true. All of a sudden the black car went next to our car and started shooting at us.

“OMG BE CAREFUL!!!!!!¨ yelled my mom.

They shot my dad and he lost control of the car, and while my mom was trying to get the car back on the road they shot her.

“OMG LILY, LUCAS WATCH–” (BOOOOOOM) said Ivy, right after they shot her and we crashed into a tree.

We were in a location where it was only trees and road, no houses. Hours passed and I felt like I was dying. I tried to yell for help but couldn’t. I was running out of breath. My leg was being crushed and Lucas’s arm was also being crushed. My brother started to move when all of a sudden cop cars came and started running towards us. They were shocked when they saw what happened. We crashed so hard into the tree that Ivy went flying out of the car and my mom and dad were crushed so hard. One of the paramedics saw me and Lucas moving.

“Oh my god–  guys there are survivors here. Help me take them out.”

The last thing I remember was being picked up by a paramedic.

But yeah, that’s the story that haunts me forever.
Even now, at age 16. Me and my brother were watching TV when all of a sudden the lights turned off.

“Huh, that’s weird,¨ Lucas said.

Then there was a sound that sounded more like scratching on the wall.

“Lucas, this isn’t funny– especially on our birthday!” I said, while starting to panic.

Finally, the lights turned on but there was writing on the wall with what looked like blood that said: You thought you could get away from me but now I found you both.

¨Ummm Lucas…¨ I said, shaking.

“Don’t say anything, Lily. I know what you’re going to say” said Lucas, shaking too.

If I’m being completely honest with you, this was the first time I saw him scared. I turned around because I heard footsteps behind me.

“Lucas, sit down– you’re scaring me,” I said.

“Lily, I’m right here sitting next to you” said Lucas while taking something sharp out of his pocket.

I heard more footsteps coming close to me, and all of a sudden the lights turned off again.

”Lily run! He is going–” said Lucas before he fell on the floor.

I started to run but I could feel hands on me, and when I turned around to look at who was behind me I saw a black figure behind me.

“Well, you thought you could get away from me Lily, didn’t you? Well, I’ve got you now and it’s the last time you will ever see the sun again!!!!”

“Nooooooo! Let go!!!!!!” I yelled.

And that was the last thing I said before everything turned black.