What Is Wrong With Ye?


Amin Shah, Music Editor

Most of us are aware of how rapper Ye (previously known as Kanye West) is dealing with his divorce with Kim Kardashian, and it is certainly a messy ordeal to say the least. A few months back, Ye moved into a house in front of Kim Kardashian’s estate with the intention of being there for his kids, which is respectable for someone of his status and fame.

Many rumors spread of him hiding in her bushes to spy on her, but these seem very unlikely. His actions escalated once Kim Kardashian began dating comedian and SNL star Pete Davidson, who has previously made fun of the Chicago rapper in skits. This led Ye to resent Davidson and the entire cast of SNL. He even refers to Pete Davidson as ‘‘Skete’’.

In The Game’s latest single ‘‘Eazy,’’ Ye is featured on the track rapping about how he will assault Pete Davidson and speaks about his new romantic partner Julia Fox (who recently admitted that she never loved him and essentially used him for the money, which did not help Ye’s downward spiral). With the recent release of ‘‘Donda 2’’ only on his latest device the ‘‘Stem Player’’ (which allows one to remix songs using stem manipulation), many have been unable to listen to the album (including myself), but it is stated to sound very unfinished (which is believable after the horrible sound mixing that was featured on the mess that was the listening event for the album).

Last night, two major events in his life occurred: his official divorce with Kim Kardashian and the lowest low he has reached that can be seen within the official music video for ‘‘Eazy’’.  After The Game’s verse, Ye begins his verse and in the video, he is seen riding a motorcycle and kidnapping Pete Davidson (in a claymation animated video of course, the real Pete would never agree to this). It then cuts to the real Ye standing with a prop model Pete Davidson’s head. His claymation self then buries Pete alive and sprinkles rose seeds on him and waters them. Roses then grotesquely grow out of Pete’s head and face, which then leads to Ye cutting them off. The video ends with ‘‘everyone lived happily ever after, except Skete’’, and then it quickly cuts to ‘‘jk he’s fine’’. Kanye West Appears to Bury a Cartoon Pete Davidson in 'Eazy'

The skinned monkey photo by photographer Nick Knight was one thing, but this is arguably as bad or even worse. No one knows what Ye will do next, but I can tell you it’s not going to be pretty. Even after the release of his highly successful docuseries on Netflix ‘‘jeen-Yuhs’’, he still can’t look back in history and see how he can fix his mistakes. I only hope for the betterment of his mental condition, as he can serve as an example of the severity of such mental illnesses such as Bipolar Disorder.