AMHS Lacrosse


Kazima Muwwakkil, Staff Reporter

Have you ever heard of lacrosse? It’s a great sport and I think you should definitely consider joining the AMHS Girls Lacrosse team for 2023! Here’s why:

The best reason to choose lacrosse as your new sport is because it’s simply fun to play. Combining teamwork, great aerobic physical activity, and an interesting backstory ( it has its origins in a tribal game played by some Native American tribes), participating in this increasingly popular activity is a great way to spice up your athletic goals! 

One of the reasons why lacrosse is such an interesting sport is because it combines a number of different sports into one. Concepts for sports like ice hockey, field hockey, football, soccer, and basketball can all be seen when watching a single lax game. 

I was hesitant at first to try out a new sport, after all, lacrosse is pretty new in the Amityville school district, but I am so grateful I decided to be a part of the team this year. Our coach, Ms. Howard, is awesome (to say the least)! Not only is she kind and encouraging, but she always finds a way to provide for her athletes and support our academic goals. 

Being a part of the lacrosse team has brought me so much joy this semester. I hope I’ll see you next season 🙂