AMHS Hosts Annual Blood Drive


Faith Roberts, Staff Reporter

The New York Blood Center is a nonprofit organization that has independent community based blood centers all around New York. They were founded in 1964. Medical centers are always in need of blood donations for their blood banks, having blood available whenever can easily save someone’s life when in need of emergency. Amityville Memorial High School partners with the New York Blood Center yearly, either once or twice a year to receive blood donations from staff and students. When this happens, the student government program is in charge of the blood drive. The program advisor, Mr. Matt Greiss is in charge of the blood drive when it occurs in the high school gym. “This is my 10th year running the blood drive,” said Greiss. “The student council helps to organize and manage the whole event. They manage the lines, the crowds, they keep everything in check. They promote the blood drive to students and staff.”

We encourage those who are eligible to donate blood because there is always a need for blood in the medical centers. The New York Blood center will test you if you are unsure if you are eligible to donate. For students, you have to be at least 16 years old with parental permission. Students 17 and older do not need parental permission. The average adult human has at least 8-12 pints of blood in their body, and when you donate blood you are only giving a little less than one pint.

Here are some opinions from our students who donated this year:

“It feels good to know that I gave blood for a good cause. If someone needs blood it’s available.” — Anonymous (’23) 

“I feel like I did something really good and it was a positive experience.” –Anonymous (’25)