Tri-M and the Philharmonic


Terry Holman, Editor-In-Chief

I had never seen a professional orchestra play, however, this experience made me want to see all of them. My first thought was, “there’s a harp?!” I knew that the Philharmonic was fancy, but I didn’t know that harps were an actual instrument played. The entire time, I was fangirling. Every time I heard and saw an instrument I played, I couldn’t help but smile and point it out. Having pride in music is one of the best feelings. I couldn’t imagine playing a piece for as long as they did. Every time you thought it was done, it kept going. It made me want to be able to play a piece like that. This experience inspired me to pursue my music career further than I thought I would!

The Tri-M Music Honor Society traveled to Manhattan for this amazing opportunity. Advised by Mrs. Ferrante and accompanied by Mr. Abate, the group experienced a new type of music that not many of them had been exposed to. Ferrante wanted to show our high-achieving music students how far their music career could go, should they choose to pursue it. If they do not, it was still a fantastic experience. Mrs. Ferrante felt the same way! “I was so happy for the Tri-M members to experience the NY Philharmonic rehearse. The venue was recently renovated and the acoustics were out of this world. The members looked to really enjoy the music and I’m looking forward to our next trip.”

As President of this honor society, I feel it is extremely important to gain exposure to all types of music. Many of them have played in the marching band, small ensembles, and all of them in our larger ensembles, however not many of them have seen an orchestra this big. There are typically at least 80 members in professional orchestras, though there can be over 100! That is much larger than our ensembles. There are also so many different types of instruments. As I mentioned earlier, instruments such as harps were involved. A piccolo, an E-flat clarinet? I didn’t even know the second one existed. 

I am extremely happy to say we got so many positive responses! The entire group wants to go again next year. Even the seniors begged to come back to go on this field trip. I hope that some of us will be able to make a sneak appearance! 

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