RIP: Trugoy the Dove


Amin Shah, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Amityville has lost a legend.
What was meant to be the year of ‘‘De La Soul’’ has been marked by tragedy, as Trugoy the Dove passed away on the 12th of February at the age of 54. For a group that had so much coming this year, such a blow is detrimental to the future of what was to be. 

Who is ‘‘De La Soul’’?
For anyone who doesn’t know, ‘‘De La Soul’’ is a New York hip-hop group (from Amityville to be exact, graduating at this very same high school) formed in 1988 that has produced some of the most impactful hip-hop albums stylistically and thematically (with the help of Amityville DJ Prince Paul). They were a part of the ‘‘Native Tongues’’ collective, alongside “A Tribe Called Quest’’ and ‘‘The Jungle Brothers’’, promoting conscious and artistic hip-hop instead of the growing gangsta-rap scene in the early-mid 90s. Among some of their greatest works lie ‘‘3 Feet High and Rising’’, their masterful debut album that many compare to ‘‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’’ by ‘‘The Beatles’’ in terms of influence (I would claim it to be the 3rd best hip-hop album of all time, right behind ‘‘To Pimp a Butterfly’’ and ‘‘Paul’s Boutique’’).

Trugoy was 1/3rd of the group alongside Posdnous and Maseo. Although not as popular as Posdnous, he had his time to shine. Most would know him (although not realize it is him) through his verse on ‘‘Feel Good Inc.’’ by the Gorillaz. The group planned to release the rest of their unreleased albums onto streaming services this year, as most of them were previously only available through purchase or youtube due to the heavy amount of samples that went uncleared for many years. Hopefully, this event does not delay or cancel this, as this would only increase the need for the masses to realize the true impact and artistry that De La Soul brought to the rap game (again, from Amityville). The more who realize their importance, the more will realize the blow of Trugoy’s passing in the hip-hop community and hopefully help his legacy live on through experiencing these albums being released on streaming platforms (6 of them to be specific). If you’re considering, be sure to listen to their debut above all else, as that is the peak of their artistry and will give you the best experience of the group at their peak, including the performances of Trugoy the Dove.