Sza Returns

Sza Returns

Adanya Collins, Staff Reporter

Released at the end of last year, SOS is Sza’s first album since her highly successful 2017 album, ”Ctrl”.

Filled with 23 songs and at an hour and eight minutes of playing time, this is her longest project yet. “SOS” is solidifying Sza as one of modern r&b’s most popular artists. Her songs have always been filled with relatable, intimate lyrics and this album is no exception. The cover has Sza seated on a diving board completely surrounded by the ocean. This was inspired by a famous 1997 photograph of Princess Diana on a yacht. Sza wanted to pay homage to the “isolation” it conveys. 

This album is dedicated to the turmoils of relationships. It’s about caring less about things out of our control and speaking about the negatives as well as the blessings received. Filled with sad songs, yet, somehow there’s a sense of beauty. The lyrics deliver a harsh reality about life and love. Each song finds comfort in growth, overcoming, and rebirth. “SOS” is an album for those who want drama-free, positive energy-filled love and most importantly, revenge. Sza is just like us, someone who’s been hurt in the past trying to build a future. 

Best Songs From “SOS”

  1. Low 
  2. Kill Bill
  3. Notice Me
  4. Conceited 
  5. Nobody Gets Me
  6. Seek & Destroy
  7. Blind 
  8. Ghost In The Machine
  9. Snooze 
  10. Love Language
  11. F2F
  12. Open Arms
  13. Too Late
  14. Used 
  15. Smoking My Ex Pack
  16. SOS
  17. Gone Girl
  18. Far
  19. Special 
  20. Forgiveless 
  21. Good Days
  22. Shirt
  23. I Hate You