Amityville Basketball’s Comeback


Tyler John Hinton, Contributing Writer

The Amityville comeback is real. We had fun this season as a whole. We ended the season great and my school will be back next year regardless of me being there or not.

We were able to finish the season of 14-9 overall and 8-6 from our league. We were able to compete at a high level with our coach coming back since 2013-14 ”Jack is Back Baby.”

We won our first two scrimmages to start off the season. Then we won the first two non league games, one was against our coach’s son, which is Miller Place and won our first league game against Harborfields by 40. Then going into our own tournament at home we were hyped. We had to win the whole thing against Roosevelt and Friends Academy since it was our own tournament so we started the season off hot.

We won again away at Islip. We lost two games back to back at Baldwin’s tournament against them and St. Dominic our confidence went down after that. It’s like Baldwin took our pride away.

We beat the number one team in our league by 3 then went on a 3 game streak. We were coming off hot to beat Wyndanch because it was back to beat them. It was like a homecoming. Everyone was there. We had to win. It was a big rivalry game and we ended up winning by 11. Then went back on a 3 game losing streak. Then we had a goal in the playoffs and we didn’t lose for the rest of the season and started winning again. We had a mindset that no one was better than us and our coach got his 500 wins in our last away regular season game against John Glenn. Then “you know what’s better than 500 it’s 501” teammate said to my coach after going to our last regular season game or Senior Night going against Kings Park. We ended up going against Hampton Bays for our first playoff game home. It was a nail biter we only won by 3. We had to go all the way to East Hampton to go against them and they were the number one team in the division under us in D2. We were losing the whole game but then we turned up in the 4th quarter of the 2nd half. We were down most of the game and came back and ended up winning by 6. We were going into the 3rd round confident against Mt Sinai. We were in the Semi finals to go to be Suffolk County Champs. We were down the whole game. Then half time we had a pep talk from the coaches. We started getting closer and coming back but we ended up falling short by 8. It all hit when the buzzer went off that our season was over. We started crying. We felt that our hard work came to an end. It was the End. We fell short in the 3rd round of playoffs. Our coach said we were going to have one last practice because he doesn’t like to end on a loss. We scrimmaged eachother one last time. It was fun. We were still a family and it showed we had each other’s back but it still didn’t feel real.

This is our season of THE AMITYVILLE COMEBACK YEAR!!!