AMHS Baseball Makes History


Tyler John Hinton, Contributing Writer

I feel like it’s been a fun season. We haven’t won in almost 7 years and to get those wins it felt like I made history. We had a lot of non league games before our first game. WE ended up beating Southold for the first game. We ended up winning 9-1. That was our first real game and it was our first win. It was the start of a memorable season for Amityville Baseball. I ended up hitting triple my last at bat. We lost the next game and came back and won the next game versus them. We had a losing streak for about 2 series. Then we beat the best team in our league and we ended up losing the first. We won the second game by 2.We were so excited then we lost again and came back but we came short. We went back to losing a little then the last series of the season was exciting. We lost the first game to a lot of errors. Then the second game we were losing by about 7 then we had to play again and finish the game due to the lights so now we were home for a double header. We ended up coming back into the game but we could pull it off. The last game of the season we came out heated like we wanted to win. We came in at a great start and we were up the whole game. We weren’t playing any games. We were determined to win. I even hit a home run for my team. We were very excited and we finished out winning 4 games. It was the best season we had in almost 7 years. I see that we were improving and Amityville was getting better and having a bright future.