In The Kitchen With Jared

In The Kitchen With Jared

Jared Davis, Staff Reporter

French toast. It’s not your ordinary type of toast. You know, the one you pop into your toaster and add butter on top of. Instead, it is a work of art. Dipped slowly into a creamy custard, and cooked with large slices of butter, French toast (despite its name) is a very popular American staple.

Making French toast is a very simple process. You can use whatever type of bread you want, and you probably do have some of its key ingredients within your pantry. But how do you make it?

To start, you need to choose the most vital component: bread. It doesn’t really matter what type of bread you use. You can use the typical white, potato, or even rye bread. But for a traditional French Toast, and for one that is not too soggy, I recommend brioche bread. It is a thick-cut bread, and does not absorb the custard too fast.

So you have your EIGHT slices of bread, now you need to make your custard. In a medium-sized bowl, whisk two eggs (or one for a less-eggy batter), one cup of whole milk (or almond, or cashew, or half and half, or whatever rocks your boat), a tablespoon of granulated sugar, a pinch of salt, and a teaspoon of vanilla essence. After whisking your custard base, you need to spice it up! So now add a teaspoon of cinnamon, and a half a teaspoon of nutmeg, then mix it all up! After mixing, you have successfully created your custard. However, it is not done. For that genuine “buttery” taste that every French toast *should* have, add a generous slice of butter into a cup, melt it, and add it to your custard. Now you’re done with that part.

Now, add that egg mixture evenly onto a plate, not adding all of it at once. Dip your slices of bread into the mixture (or custard) and flip it – making sure both sides are evenly coated. DO NOT leave it in for too long! If you do, it will end up really soggy… do not want raw French toast pudding in your skillet. Continue this process until all the batter is gone. Afterwards, melt a generous amount of butter into a medium-heated skillet or griddle, and add your toasts. Flip toast onto both sides ensuring that they are evenly cooked. Once the bread has a golden-brown color and a buttery-gloss look to it, it is finished. Serve immediately with maple syrup and confectioners sugar if desired.