Don’t Scrutinize NBA Players for Leaving


Patrick Abate, Contributing Reporter

When NBA Superstars such as LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Kawhi Leonard opt to leave their respective teams we, as fans, should not burn their jerseys or talk bad about them. Despite the fact that basketball, in its purest form, is indeed a team sport, the league is run by its biggest stars. Each player has the right to leave if they do not feel that their current team is the best fit for them.

Each of the three players previously mentioned gave everything to their city. In his 4th season, LeBron James carried the worst team to ever make the Finals to the promised land. Kevin Durant brought his Oklahoma City Thunder to the Western Conference Finals where they had the 73-9 Golden State Warriors on the brink of elimination when they were up 3-1. They went on to lose games 5, 6, and 7 and were eliminated. As for Kawhi Leonard, he won 2013-14 Finals MVP, 2 Defensive Player of the Years, and brought a Championship to San Antonio, the city that drafted him.

Each of these players brought liveliness and relevance to their respected cities. And yet, when they left, jerseys were burned, people revolted and began to hate their once super star. For what? I will put this situation into layman’s terms. According to Pew Research Center, in America, 57% of our population live in the same state they were born and raised in their whole life. Of that 57%, 20% lived in the same TOWN. Those who move in the real world, aren’t happy with their current situation and are looking for a change for the better. We praise this movement, standing up and taking hold of your destiny, isn’t this the American Way? However, when our beloved NBA Superstars do the same thing, evaluate their current situation, and find that there is a better place for them, we burn their jerseys, talk bad about them, and with horrible things upon them. It is time to stop this, we should thank the players for their time with our teams and wish them the best.