Is It Too Late to Change The Fate of the Planet?

Is It Too Late to Change The Fate of the Planet?

Joel Barrett, Contributing Reporter

Throughout the course of 2018-2019, climate change in the United States has been gradually increasing due to people’s lack of awareness. People in the United States fail to realize that the smallest actions cause harm to our environment. Coming from a time where there was less technology used back in the days, climate change was not so much of a problem because there were less resources that caused the problem. As the United States became modernized we started having many problems with our environment that may affect us later on in life. It’s not too late to end air pollution. There are ways we can fix this issue regarding climate change to prevent excessive global warming.

According to a New York Times article on climate change throughout the year 2018, “ summer evenings have risen at nearly twice the rate of daytime, this could put older people, sickly people and younger children at greater risk during a heatwave.” In other words, due to air pollution caused by excessive factories, modern transportation which is now built with more chemicals that can affect people’s respiratory system. This is a huge problem, and if people fail to address or fix it, then perhaps in the future we will have a higher risk of diseases and sickness. Data taken from New York Times article on climate change in 2018 , shows that, “ winter has extremely warmed up particularly quickly to the regions stretching from Montana to Michigan.”

Regions stretched from Montana to Michigan have way more air pollutants than other areas which caused global warming, which serve as a cause of winter warming up quickly over the years, especially in 2018. This is a prime example of  people not contributing at all to better our society, but instead, constantly contaminating water, releasing unnecessary smoke in the air, and last but not least, over-using chemicals.

People throughout the United States have different opinions on whether society is at risk or not due to climate change. Ms. Roy, a natural disaster teacher at Amityville Memorial High School states, “I think our society is at risk because studies have shown that increase in air temperature causes an increase in ocean temperature which can fuel more natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires due to increased droughts. Ocean levels are also on the rise due to the melting of glaciers.” Ms. Roy’s viewpoint shows how our actions can greatly change society when she states how increased air temperature can cause many problems which can hurt innocent people lives. In order to change the way our environments treat us, we have to treat it right to get a positive reaction. Let us all reduce usage of excessive chemical, eliminate unnecessary smoke and stop contaminating our society. Doing all this can create a better and safer society for not only us but future generations to come.