A Trip To: The Brooklyn Museum

A Trip To: The Brooklyn Museum

Anisa Kurbanali, Contributing Reporter

Over the winter break, I was able to go to into the city with some friends to visit the Brooklyn Museum. I follow a few art accounts on Instagram and I saw a post about the museum having an exhibit on Black Art, so I asked my friends if they wanted to go and we planned a day in the city around going to the museum.

As a person of color and someone who appreciates art, it’s always amazing to see art based on black culture. The museum had two of its floors dedicated to this art and I was absolutely mesmerized. There were many pieces focused on Malcolm X, which was very captivating as I learned about his activism in my history classes. The art was all based during the years of 1963 to 1983, which is what the Brooklyn museum’s website describes as “one of the most politically, socially, and aesthetically revolutionary periods in American history.”

A focal point of the museum is the center of it in which a chandelier hangs from the center of the ceiling. The floor in this part of the museum consists of transparent squares in which lights can be seen underneath them. This part of the museum was very quiet, as everyone was appreciating how beautiful it is and taking pictures. Standing here and looking at this part of the museum was my favorite part of the day.

My favorite art piece of the day was a feminist art piece called The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago. It is a massive triangular table consisting of thirty nine place settings, each one commemorating an important, powerful woman from history. The tile beneath the table has 999 names of other powerful women written in gold.

Overall, I had a great trip to the Brooklyn Museum. I urge anyone interested in black history to visit the exhibit based on black art before it closes in February. I will hopefully be returning to the museum soon as it will  have an exhibit in honor of my favorite artists, Frida Kahlo starting in February.