Echo Staff

Spirit Week Comes to AMHS!

Spirit week at AMHS this year started on a Tuesday and students and teachers showed up in animal-themed onesies. It was a showcase of the playful and funny personalities of the ‘Ville. On Wednesday students showed up dressed as teachers, and Amityville staff came dressed as students. Teachers showed up wearing hats and hoodies and students came to school sporting ties, button up shirts, and pencil skirts. Thursday was the most festive day of the week, from sophomores to seniors, teachers to principals, many people were dressed to the nines in decade-themed clothes. Boot-cut jeans and peace sign bandannas littered the halls along with extravagantly colored hats and funky patterns. Many students felt unified by the school spirit shown across the building which led into the much anticipated pep rally on Friday where everyone was encouraged to wear class shirts or anything Amityville-related!

Pep Rally

As the bleachers filled up with freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, the seniors were in the auditorium getting prepared to run across the field, kicking off the rally with plenty of pride. Sports teams lined up by the tennis court in anticipation of their own run out. The AMHS marching band played the National Anthem, followed by We Are The Champions, and classes showcased their own dances. The teams were next, with each fall sport getting their own time to shine in the spotlight.

Homecoming Festival

Friday afternoon saw the annual Fall Festival where clubs and other school groups held fundraiser activities which included cornhole, face-painting, and even a dance competition. Food and refreshments were served and the band entertained everyone with even more music. 

Homecoming Parade and Game

This year’s Homecoming Parade featured various teams and their coaches, teachers and administrators, as well as fabulous floats from various schools. The high school floats featured a cartoon theme, with the 9th grade showcasing Sesame Street, the 10th grade showcasing the Cartoon Network, Disney Channel for the 11th grade, and Nickelodeon for the 12th grade.

Homecoming Court

This year’s Homecoming Court included: Bryan Canales, Nil Patel, Marco Iorio, Sam Wong-Schultz, Jazmin Ruiz, Trinity Tobin, Jordan Tobin, and Carina Wong-Schultz.

Bryan Canales was crowned Homecoming King and Carina Wong-Schultz was crowned Homecoming Queen.