Amityville Soccer’s 2019 Season

By Samanta Molina, Staff Writer

Amityville is known for their amazing boys soccer team, as they have won two state champions in 2015 and 2018. This year they had a great season. As of now they are undefeated, winning 16 consecutive games this season with their most recent game played on Tuesday (10/21/19) winning 4-0 against Sayville. They have had quite a season but its is about to get interesting as they just recently pulled up one of their JV players, Eric Acosta (number 25 on the field) about two games ago and seems to be doing well as he gets a lot of playing time and is even a starter! They have done a terrific job as they are going to the playoffs which is this Thursday (10/31/19). 

The girls soccer program is improving tremendously as the girls varsity team won 2 games which were against Wyandanch, winning 3-0 and against Hampton Bays, winning 3-1. This was a great send-off to the seniors because it was their senior game as Chelsea (number 7 on the field) one of the 3 seniors scored 2 of the 3 goals. JV players such as Stephanie Urbina and Diana Alverez have been asked to play with varsity countless times and were a great aspects to both teams leading us into the JV team as they tied multiple games unlike in 2018 where they unfortunately lost every game. The girls soccer program is headed in the right direction so expect big things for the upcoming seasons!