AMHS 2019 Football Season

Joey Slack, Staff Reporter

Amityville Memorial High School’s varsity football team worked hard this season and may not have seen all the success they hoped for, however, that didn’t stop them from having fun and learning a lot over the course of the season. As you know, there are some colorful attitudes on the team, and when they are together they know how to have fun. Even though the season didn’t go as we wanted it to, we worked hard and came to practice every day. With the team scoring 11 touchdowns this year, that means they averaged a touchdown every game. Now I am not saying that we won every game, but we could usually at least score a touchdown or two. Even though when we scored a touchdown we were usually losing, that feeling you get when you score and the team gets energized and everyone is happy and giving high fives is contagious. For those 30 seconds right before we either kicked a field goal or went for 2 you felt like you were on top of the world. 

I think every player on that team will never forget playing with their teammates and coaches. They will also remember the alumni who came supported them, not because they had to, but because they wanted to. They wanted to see this year’s team have as much fun as they did when they were in high school. They will remember the long road they took to get to Varsity football; they will remember when they were in middle school hearing about the games at the high school. They will remember being on JV and being pretty much a punching bag for the massive varsity players on scout defensive and scout offense. They will remember being in the weight room  at 7 AM in the morning during the summer and just trying to lift what the seniors were lifting. They will remember hell week just waking up early in the morning around 7 or 8 and going straight to the field. Practicing for about 2-and-a-half hours, going home to just sleep. Then they would wake up and go to another 2-and-a-half hour practice at night and come home and sleep again. That is when you eat, sleep and breathe football is the best way possible. 

Now that everything is said and done we will forever have a brotherhood between us. No matter how many times we tell stories about our team, no one will ever know how hard each of us has worked.