Practical Advice

Practical Advice

Carina Wong-Schultz, Co-Editor-in-Chief

In the advice column the Echo staff will be addressing many unanswered questions you have, based on school, sports and much more. We are ready and willing to answer any questions you have. We will give respected tips, and sincere advice to help in your daily life. In November’s issue I will be giving you:

Five tips for a successful school year. 

1.Make sure you have all your supplies at any time of the school year: Having the appropriate supplies allows teachers to jump right into their lesson for the day.

2.Make sure you always take notes: Studies show that people who take notes are much more successful at retaining information.

3.Stay aware of extra help dates: Knowing when your teacher has extra help allows you to cement knowledge you may have missed in class

4. Know your teacher’s email address: Email is a great way to communicate with your teachers when not in class, and allows you to ask quick questions if you can’t attend extra help.

5.Stay Organized! Use an agenda book to write down important assignments and dates. Keeping your folder, bag and locker organized allows you to easily complete and study from assignments. 

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