Amityville’s DECA Wins Big!


Amelia Tisk, Contributing Writer

On January 8, 2020, 13 students participated in a conference for the DECA Business Club at Suffolk Community College. Out of these 13, 7 of them earned awards in the events they participated in.  

Among the 7 who placed, two of the students, sophomore Mikhail Ankudovych and senior Amelia Tisk earned first place in their categories, Principles of Business Management & Administration and Principles of Hospitality & Tourism respectively.  

The other students who placed were veterans Jeffrey Reyes-Espinal in Human Resource Management, Alexa Victor in Marketing Communications, and Crystal Fells in Apparel and Accessories Marketing.  Newcomers Trinity Tobin and Kevin Zelaya also placed in their categories. (Quick Serve Restaurant Management and Entrepreneurship) 

But what is DECA? 

DECA stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America, and is a not-for-profit career and technical student organization.  In this club, students learn real-life business skills and how to work efficiently within the workforce. DECA also prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs.

Every year we compete in conferences to test these skills, such as the conference that just occurred last week.  At last week’s conference we took tests and were graded on accuracy and speed, and those who placed will continue and go upstate to Rochester next month to compete again.  

DECA is an amazing club with amazing opportunities. It is run by  business teacher, Mrs. Schweigert in POA, and they meet every Monday after school.

If you are interested in joining DECA, speak to Mrs. Schweigert in POA, or you can learn more about DECA as an organization at 

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