Kayla Faublas

Kayla Faublas, Staff Reporter

Kayla is a freshman who loves writing. She prefers going old school and using a pen and paper but the chromebooks will do for the moment. Outside of writing, Kayla also likes reading. But she’s very picky with her books. The book has to have romance, but not too much romance. Surely there is more to your life than you being in love with this kid that you’ve had it in for since the 4th grade. It also needs to be funny, but not unrealistic. There is no way you called the teacher a momma’s boy and didn’t get in trouble. She also needs to relate to the main character’s best friend. If not, then what’s the point of reading the book? Kayla also likes learning new things. The only problem is once she learns how to do it, she’s over it. But she also wants to learn how to do it within 5 minutes and she gets frustrated if it takes “too long”. Kayla isn’t in many school clubs but her plan is to be a part of at least 3-4 clubs. She also wants to work on her social skills because geez, they’re not there at the moment. She hopes that newspaper club will allow her to express herself the way she knows best, in writing, and she hopes that newspaper club will be a great experience.

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Kayla Faublas